Educational Resources
Educational resources such as free tutorials and how-to’s can be found on the Internet. Below are a few recommendations. Check back frequently for new tutorials.
Mouse Tutorial by
Using a mouse can be a huge barrier to new computer users. And, since few people recognize that this is even a problem, there are very few free online resources designed for adult learners. That’s where our mouse tutorial comes in. Since the mouse can be an intimidating topic, we took a light-hearted approach. There are no technical explanations or boring drills. Instead, learners build proficiency with the mouse by playing through a series of mini-games.
Mousing Around & Mousercise by Palm Beach County Library System
The Palm Beach County Library System presents this resource to help beginning computer users become familiar with using a mouse.
Using the Mouse: Video Tutorial for Seniors by Heather Smith
A Slow and concise tutorial on how to use the mouse buttons, what they do, and when to click them.
Learning About Microsoft Office by Aaron McCardell
An article about MS Office with a number of links to free tutorials and resources
Free Online Tutorials
Excel Part II
GCF Learn Free Excel 2010 Tutorials